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Orville & Wilber Wright

Companies: Individuals:
American Airlines
 C.R. Smith
Trans-Florida Airlines
 Robert D. Willman
Eastern Airlines
 Phil Kemp
Pan American Airways
 William Armstromg
Western Airlines
 James Michaud
Mohawk Airlines
 Ken Goldblatt
Braniff Airlines
Paul Braniff
Capital Airlines
Dean Straw
Delta Airlines
 Steve Williams
National Airlines
Kent Haws
United Airlines
 Gary & Alicia Plomp
Pacific Airlines
Chuck Stuart
Chicago & Southern Airlines
Erin C. Carty
Piedmont Airlines
Edward Price
Trans-Canada Airlines
Kevin Tanner
Southern Airways
Paul & Debra Jameson
Trans-Continental & Western Airlines
Charles Cary
"TWA" Trans World Airlines
 Howard Hughes
Northwest Airlines
 Betty Burbank
Continental Airlines
 Roger Neff
Allegheny Airlines
 Eric Flitcroft
Frontier Airlines 
 Norman Flitcroft
Aspen Airways
 Edward Muska
Allegheny Airlines
Herb Wheble
Lake Central Airlines
 Paul O. Magnon
Republic Airlines
 Carol Robbins
Wright Airlines
 Thomas Kennedy
Hawaiian Airlines
 Tim Olmsted
Northeast Airlines
 John J. Killoran
Ozark Airlines
 John & Karen Gypson
 Brian Walker
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
Vince Horan
General Dynamics Convair
 Rubin Fleet
Kelowna Flight Service (Convair Division)
 Barry LaPointe
Douglas Aircraft 
Donald W. Douglas
Lockheed Aircraft
 Jon Proctor
Curtiss Wright
Glenn Curtiss
Boeing Aircraft 
 William Boeing
Glenn L. Martin Company
Glenn L. Martin
Beech Aircraft Corporation
Mark Makuch 
Kaman Aircraft
Charlie Kaman
Sikorsky Aircraft
Igor Sikorsky
Bell Helicopter
Larry Bell
Piasecki Helicopter
Frank Piasecki
Hiller Helicopters
Paul Collins
Fairchild Aircraft
 William T. Larkins
Folker Aircraft
Anthony Folker
Vickers Aircraft Corporation
 Richard Wargo
United Aircraft Corporation
 Del Laughery
Allison Divison GM Corporation
 John C. Masterson
 Stephen Piercey
Hamilton Standard
 Ian Burnett
Air-Britian Publications
J.M. Gradidge
 Nigel Chalcraft
 Keith Gaskell
Global Aeronautical Foundation, Inc.
Wayne J. Jones
Williams Enterprises
William & Kathryn Bradshaw
Alpha Aviation, LLC
Albert F. Schmid
D & D Printing
 Leia A. Fecho
Picture Perfect
 Michael Robinson
The Portable Writer
Kenya Lewitt
Connel Internet Marketing
Roberta Rocchetti
 Exxel Avionics, Hartford, CT
Steve Christino
 Sutton James, Inc. Aviation Insurance
Jonathan Doolittle
 BowlMaster Promotional Items
Joe Maulucci
 Willington Financial
James M. Makuch
 Stafford Savings Bank
Rodney D. Pierce
T. Jenkins
Air Classics Magazine 
George Hamlin
 Propliner Magazine
Peter Corbell
World Airline Historical Society
Clay Jannson
 Airliners Magazine
Dick Whiting
Airlife England
Patrica Poor
John R. Cratty III
Airways Magazine
Jean Carpenter
MBI Publishing Company
Robert & Cheral Bradshaw
World Transport Press
Sigfrid Sandos
Champion Aviation Products
Bette DuFraine
AeroShell Oil
Leo Rocchetti
Desser Tire William Hahn
Equilon Lubricants John Mounce
Kelowna Flightcraft "Convair Division" Jim Halley
VIP Avionis, Hartford, CT Howard Nash
Scroggins Aviation T. Jenkins
Amarillo Aviation Arther Pearcy
Global Impact Denis Goodwin
Int'l Air Response Douglas Olson
Gary L. Killion
George Hamlin
Bill Yenne
Barry La Point
John Ciesla
Frank Rowley
Ed Rowley